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Sharing Her Journey

Nov 3, 2021

Sharing Her Journey is so excited to introduce to you our new co-host...Alexis Morgan! In this episode Kirsten talks about how she met Alexis and knew she was an amazing fit for the podcast. We cannot wait for you to get to know her better in her very first episode.

Alexis is an all around wonderful woman who is passionate about all that she does. She enjoys volunteering in the community and writing articles for websites. She is fun, playful, kind, and very smart. Alexis recently completed a master’s in Adult/Organizational Learning and Leadership from the University of Idaho. She is also a communication and personal development coach. Her husband, Clinton, and their four children enjoy spending time outdoors, traveling, and cooking and eating delicious food...especially during the holidays. 

For more Alexis follow her on instagram at @alexismorganjourney