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Sharing Her Journey

Mar 23, 2023

Monique is here (recording from France!) with Kirsten talking all about the importance of spending time with girlfriends and time for yourself. 

When we can prioritize connecting with other women in a deep and meaningful way, we share, unwind, and can breathe deeply for a moment...taking the weight off of our chest. 

Women are so often the heart of the home, pouring so much of themselves into their homes, children, significant others, work, etc. It can get heavy at times.

We need longer time blocks where we have NOTHING to take care of but ourselves. Time that we think only of ourselves. This is how we recharge and are filled back up again to give more fully and from a good place. 

Why does it seem so hard for women to take the time away?

Why do we struggle to let go of our responsibilities?

The kids and family WILL survive without you and teaching your kids to be self sufficient is a good thing.   

Being able to transport yourself away from your normal everday life is important for renewal....Having a moment to have your own thoughts, listen, and be quiet.

Women understand women and the loads we carry, with much compassion for each other.

Don't forget the importance of making an effort with friendships. Priorize taking time for friends! 


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