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Sharing Her Journey

Aug 17, 2023

Do you have a child who has recently left home for college or are you finding yourself an empty nester? This episode is for you!! 

Kirsten and Jen talk all about how to let your kids leave home and spread their wings. Jen shares her experience with her two oldest leaving and Kirsten talks about her oldest making this transition as well. As usual Jen is dropping some GOLD nuggets you don't want to miss.

This phase of life comes with all the FEELS....


As adult children leave the home and transition into independent lives, it's a significant moment for both parents and children. Here are some pieces of advice for parents during this transition:

Embrace Change, Maintain Communication, Respect Their Independence, Offer Emotional Support, Celebrate Their Achievements, Create New Traditions, Foster Your Own Interests, Maintain Healthy Boundaries, Seek Support, Focus on Your Relationship, and Stay Positive.

 Instead of dwelling on the empty nest, focus on the positive aspects of this transition. Reflect on the successful upbringing you provided and the exciting possibilities that lie ahead for both you and your children.

Remember that every family is unique, and this transition will unfold in its own way. By approaching it with understanding, support, and a positive attitude, you can navigate this phase while strengthening your relationships with your adult children.



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