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Sharing Her Journey

Apr 27, 2022

Welcome to the Conversation. Today Kirsten and Alexis dive into dissecting what motherhood means. They discuss:

*How history, religion, and culture impact societies larger view of motherhood.

*Idealization vs Valuing Motherhood.

*How the idea of Reparenting fits into understanding motherhood and fatherhood.

*Impacts of Idealizing Motherhood.

*the Value of partnership families.

*Female leaders who are forging these conversations.

*Ultimately how they love their motherhood.

This topic started with an article Alexis wrote for a therapist's blog. Check it out here:

Alexis's Article

The article shares a personal experience from Alexis's life and how learning to address the topics of motherhood as a relationship, reparenting herself, and discovering her inner mother have deeply impacted her life and view on motherhood.

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